Meet Bella

If you come to my house, you’ll notice a haze on my windows that makes it difficult to see through. This is thanks to Bella, my three-legged dog. 

Bella is a German Shorthair Pointer who lost her leg when she got stuck in a fence as a puppy. She’s gorgeous, too smart for her own good, and has puppy dog eyes for days. 

She joined our family a little over a year ago after her previous family started looking for a new, less stressful home for this sweet girl. She was very anxious, so much so that she was eating six cups of food a day because her nervous energy was burning it all off. 

Within ten minutes of being in our house for the first time, this dog fell asleep with all three legs in the air and turned into an extremely mellow dog. She loves our kids and lets them lay all over her and play with her. She adores snuggling on the couch. She loves to chew on bones and rub her back on the carpet while making ridiculous noises. She growls and barks when she’s happy and excited. She lives for the times we forget to close the pantry door and she can sneak food out of the trash. If there’s a pillow to be found, her head will be on it. If there’s a blanket around, she’ll be curled up underneath it. She’s extremely lazy. 

Until we leave the house. 

Bella has separation anxiety, which is very common for her breed and causes her to lose her mind when we leave. We quickly learned that crating her was a terrible idea after she escaped from and collapsed our metal dog crate and scraped up her nose doing it. So now we leave her in the living room with the curtains open so she can drool all over the windows and watch for our return. 

I don’t clean the windows very often since the dog will just slobber all over them the next time we leave, but this crazy sweet dog is totally worth it. 


4 thoughts on “Meet Bella

  1. Awww. I think our Jonah has separation anxiety too but we have to crate him or he will eat our house. Literally, he has eaten furniture. I don’t want to talk about the shoes. But he’s such a love and I adore him and between him and Tori I know that film on the windows all too well. 😉

    Totally worth it.

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