Twenty Seconds and Counting

Tomorrow morning my incredible friend Ashley is picking me up and we are going running. 

Which would be awesome. Except I can only run for about twenty seconds at a time before I feel like my heart is going to explode and my lungs will stop working. 

I am incredibly out of shape. I’ve been working hard on this. I’m currently 16 days into a 30 day workout challenge, and I’m more proud of myself than I can explain. I’m feeling much stronger, I have more muscle definition in my arms and legs, and my stamina in the workouts has improved tremendously. 

But I’ve been doing this all in my air conditioned living room. With an unlimited supply of ice water. For only 15 minutes at a time. Being cheered on by my two kids who know just the right time to yell, “Good job, Mommy! You’re a super awesome rock star!”

It’s becoming a family motto. We are now saying “super awesome rock star” frequently. 

Tomorrow I will be running. Outside in the Georgia heat and humidity. Will I cry? Maybe. Will I pass out? I hope not. Will I throw up? Jesus who loves me, please no. 

I am nervous about tomorrow. So tonight I am reminding myself -Will I come out of it stronger? Yes. Is my body capable of more than my mind believes? Absolutely. Will I regret this in a few months when I’m able to run much longer than twenty seconds at a time? Not even a little bit. 

My goal is consistency above all else. And I’m so thankful for the people in my life who are holding me accountable to take care of myself in all ways. 

Here goes nothing. 


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