Worth. Every. Penny. 

The Confetti Popper was totally worth it. 

We were FaceTiming with Anthony, watching a BeatBugs countdown on Netflix. (If you haven’t checked out BeatBugs yet, do it – cartoon bugs singing Beatles songs. What’s not to like?) The kids were super excited. Noah was holding the phone, and unbeknownst to me, blocking the majority of the camera with his finger so poor Anthony saw pretty much nothing. We all screamed out, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

And then I twisted the Confetti Popper. The incredibly loud noise it made scared Annabelle to death, who by the way is terrified of firecrackers. Confetti went everywhere. Noah laughed hysterically in delight. Annabelle sobbed. Anthony and I laughed at the kids’ reactions. 

My living room was covered in confetti. 

Best part? Once the children calmed down they spent two minutes cleaning up all the paper into a pile to jump into. 

We have no trees in our yard, and the kids have been dying to jump into a pile of leaves, so they’ve got to make do. 

10/10. Next year I’m buying the 2 ft tube. 

Happy New Year, everyone! May God show you His face this year. 


2 thoughts on “Worth. Every. Penny. 

  1. After reading this, I made Mac go to Walmart and buy four big ones for us to pop off with the grandkids! The twins turn 4 in February so I think they will be great fun and might annoy their parents!


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