It’s the first day of April! Congratulations!

I’ve been doing a terrible job of writing blog posts, and one of my goals is to be more consistent with it. So today I had every intention of writing a post about the upcoming Rogers family trip to Sock World. 

Annabelle had other plans for me. 

It’s rare that we don’t have to wake up earlier than we’d like, whether to an alarm or to the kids. So we were very relieved to go to bed last night and not set an alarm for the morning. And our kids decided to play quietly in their rooms this morning instead of waking us up. 

Or so we thought. 

I finally got out of bed, bleary eyed and silently thanking my angel children for putting their parents’ need for sleep above their own desires. What blessed children our Heavenly Father has bestowed on us. 

I opened our bedroom door. And then the smell hit me. 

Strangely enough, it wasn’t a bad smell. It smelled fresh and nostalgic all at once. In fact, it was rather pleasant. 

I looked in my daughter’s room and this is what greeted me. Amongst the teeny Calico Critters’ accessories and the pull ups and the blankets and random clothes thrown on the floor, I found the contents of an entire bottle of baby powder. 

I didn’t even know we had baby powder. I’ve been decluttering the house for Lent (and I’m quickly realizing I need longer than 40 days to get it done) but I haven’t gotten to the inside of Annabelle’s closet or wardrobe yet. I’m assuming the baby powder has been sitting there for years, patiently waiting for its day to shine. 

Annabelle cleaned the mess up by herself, enjoying it way too much. 

As we all watched her vacuum, Noah happily exclaimed, “Well, it is the first day of April! Congratulations!”

Congratulations, indeed. 


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