Potty (mouth)


I’ve got a lot of potty related things going on these days. Today we officially began potty training Miss Priss. So far, nothing (other than an unwanted banana) has made it into the potty. She is ecstatic – new underwear and extra attention.

I am miserable.

There is something about potty training that makes me want to die. The constant laundry, the accidents, the cleaning, the frustration.

God help me.

On top of all of this, Mr. Strong Will Himself had an epic tantrum yesterday  in which he yelled the word “damn” 30 times. THIRTY TIMES. I was almost impressed but instead I had to be responsible and teach the kid. So he did 30 chores and picked out 30 toys to give away. I’m hoping going hard core on him will nip this cursing in the bud so we don’t get a call from his teacher every single day next year regarding his potty mouth.

Did I mention I’m currently taking wine and chocolate donations to get me through this tough time?


4 thoughts on “Potty (mouth)

    • It was a long, hard road to get there. I just finally snapped and found the thing that worked. He has only said it once since then and after a quick reminder of the consequence, hasn’t said it again!


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