I’ve Got a Case of the Mondays

Today has been one of those Mondays. You know, the ones where you fight with your spouse, your kids stopped listening to you as soon as they woke up, you slept funny and have a horrible pain in your neck, your to-do list has 20 things on it, you keep remembering more things to put on the list that HAVE to be done today and honestly can’t wait til tomorrow, and your dog emptied her bladder all over the carpet while you were at the grocery store picking up yet another thing you forgot. 

It’s been a day of hurried phone calls and feeling anxious and getting my feelings hurt. It’s been a day of feeling defeated and overwhelmed. 

BUT (don’t you love it when there’s a “but” on these days) it’s also been a day where my kids put on a ridiculous play for us involving the Star Wars theme song, a knight, a pirate, some dragons, and a hilarious fight between the pirate and knight. It’s been a day of pausing and remembering how faithful God is. (I may or may not have listened to “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” four times in a row to remind myself of this fact.) It’s been a day of hot chocolate and Yahtzee. 

At church yesterday, my pastor read the story of the woman at the well. She’s a Samaritan, she’s a woman, she’s had five husbands, and the guy she’s currently living with isn’t her husband at all. And when the disciples saw Jesus speaking to her, they “marveled” at it. I’m thinking “marveled” is a nice biblical way to say they freaked out. Next thing you know, they’re telling Jesus it’s time to leave and get something to eat. Jesus replied by telling them that while they have a saying about the harvest coming in four months, in fact the harvest is ready and waiting. In other words, they’re so wrapped up in their idea of what’s right that they’ve missed this beautiful chance to speak truth and love into the Samaritan woman they scorn. 

Man I have identified with those disciples today. I have brushed off my husband and my kids and put my to-do list first. I have allowed myself to get worked up and man have I “marveled” at the demands of this day. 

I had to run by a coffee shop to pick up some gift cards today. I was hurrying the kids into the car, we were all miserable, and my focus was on all the stuff I had to do. And then I felt like God was telling me what an opportunity this was to slow down and let Him in. To focus on what He wanted to do, not what my to-do list said. So while we were there, I bought the kids some hot chocolate and a wedge of some incredible cinnamon roll concoction that was bigger than Noah’s head. 

We sat down and played Yahtzee. It was beautiful. I’m a stay at home mom, and you’d think all my time is devoted to spending time with my kids and developing our relationship. That’s what I thought it would look like before I became a stay at home mom, anyway. But so very often I’m focused on things that just aren’t as important, and I’m grateful for the times when I stop, take a deep breath, and say, “God what do you want right now?”

I still have a lot of things to do today. I’ll probably be up late getting it all done. But I’m not feeling ragged and angry anymore, my kids are happier, and I’ve let God put things into perspective. 

Here’s to hot chocolate and Jesus. ❤ May I always take the time to let Him still my heart and show me what I’m missing. 


Sock World : Blue Skies and Three Fingers

We have packed and washed ALL the laundry and shipped the dog off for a fun vacation at my parents’ house. Tomorrow, we go to Sock World!

I asked the kids how they feel when they aren’t at Sock World and this was their response : 

(Noah obviously needs to work on his sad face.)

When asked how they would feel when we finally get to Sock World tomorrow – this is what happened :

They still have no idea what lies ahead. 

When we told the kids about this trip I thought they would be full of questions. I forgot that I have taught my kids to be excited about the little things in life. They are over the moon about a trip involving crazy socks and a place with a ridiculous name. That’s all they need to know. ❤

I did ask Noah to draw me a picture of Sock World. I know it’s hard to see, but it was too cute not to share. Blue skies, a hotel with lots of windows, and three-fingered versions of Noah and Annabelle. 

Stay tuned for the Sock World reveal!

Sock World

Back in the ’80s, my Uncle Brad requested that everyone keep his birthday simple and give him a pair of socks. My dad played this up and had my seven year old sister, Erin, start thinking of ideas for memorable socks.

My dad was going to be away from the family for a few months due to work and planned a special day with Erin before he left. They would be heading to Sock World, a marvelous invention of my dad’s imagination, to locate the perfect pair of socks for Uncle Brad.

Over the days leading up to the trip to Sock World, my sister took her responsibility very seriously. On the day of, the conversation during the 45 minute car ride centered around Sock World and what kind of socks she hoped to find. She wasn’t distracted by the incredibly large parking lot my dad pulled in to, the trolley ride to a ticket booth, or the lines of people waiting to get in to Sock World.

In fact, it took my dad encouraging her to count the flags waving in the breeze for her to realize they were, in fact, at Six Flags Over Georgia and Sock World was just a fabrication.

Sock World has always been a beloved family joke. In keeping with the tradition, the Rogers Family will be taking our very first family vacation to Sock World in just 10 short days. 

Noah and Annabelle have been informed that they must wear crazy socks to be allowed entry to Sock World. To say my sweet children with their adorably low expectations are excited about a trip to this magical place would be the understatement of the century. We have purposefully shared very few details about Sock World and let their imaginations run wild. All they know is that we will be gone for four days, staying in the Sock World hotel, and that crazy socks are a must. Our version of Sock World won’t have six flags waving over the entrance, though, so stay tuned as the journey unfolds to see where the Rogers Family is headed.

Wipes in the Fridge

Annabelle has become obsessed with having a baby wipe with her when she lays down for her nap. In case her nose runs. (Can you tell we live in coastal Georgia, the allergy capital of the world?)

Today while I was getting her ready for nap time, she predictably asked for a wipe. 

So I checked in her room. The wipes weren’t there. 

Next I checked the bathroom. No wipes. 

I checked the living room and the dining room and the kitchen. I checked my room and my son’s room. No sign of them. 

I checked her bookbag. Sans wipes. 

Finally I called my husband since he was the last person I saw with the missing wipes. He told me Noah was the last one to have them. 
At which point my children gleefully informed me the wipes were in the fridge. 

Sure enough, there they were. 

Because that makes perfect sense in a house with two little kids. 

Meet Annabelle

This is my sassy, sneaky, bright-eyed, social butterfly of a daughter. 

She loves everything pink. Butterflies and skirts and dresses make her world go round. She constantly prays and thanks God for her hair. 

She’s also rough and tumble. She’s been known to bite her brother to make him leave her alone. Annabelle is a climber and a jumper. She used to do crazy physical stunts with her daddy until she got Nursemaid’s elbow and we had to put an end to it. 

Everyone who has ever spent more than five minutes with Annabelle comments on how sweet she is. Which is true. But I warn everyone that she can be sneaky. Turn your back for two seconds and she will draw all over your walls. She used to strip naked in seconds flat and go streaking around the house. And dear Jesus in heaven, thank you so much that she has outgrown the playing with poop stage. 

I made up a song about Annabelle and she makes me sing it to her every night before she goes to sleep. This child loves to be loved on. And she loves to pour out love on others. She adores baby dolls and babies. In fact, if you’re in the grocery store with her and she gets cranky, hand her a bag of chips and tell her it’s a baby. She’ll immediately cheer up, say, “Aww baby. So cute,” and sing the chips to sleep. 

This child has been the source of so many hilarious stories and so many sweet moments. I am so thankful for our Annabelle Grace. 

Meet Noah

 This is Noah. My first born. He’s a bundle of energy and emotion. From the beginning, he has done things his way, in his time. His heart is so very big, and so are his temper tantrums. His strong will drives us crazy now, but is going to be such a strength and blessing when he is an adult. This kid is going to do big things.

Noah says the same prayer every night before dinner. He made it up himself. “Dear God and Jesus, I’m aware that you give everybody food and everything and everything else. And that and that and that and noses. Amen amen amen amen amen amen.”

Noah’s favorite color has always been green. His favorite shape has always been the triangle. He has always wanted to be a chef. He has never wavered in these things.

This child is all in, all the time.

Ironically, his name means rest.

And while he hasn’t exactly given us rest in his short little lifetime, he has taught us how important it is to rest in God’s strength as we parent this child.

Noah has taught me how to be selfless. And he’s shown me just how selfish I tend to be when left to my own devices. He’s taught me the power of grace and the power of a good laugh. He’s taught me to cherish the good times and have faith in the hard times.

What a good teacher this little boy has been to me.

Gems from Noah

Noah was full of kid wisdom the past few days. 

While watching Olympic swimming – “Mommy, one day I’m going to swim in just my underwear, too. When I’m a grownup.”

While watching an Olympic cycling race when they showed the motorcycle at the front of the pack – “I think those bikes are trying to catch that motorcycle!”

Anthony and I were discussing foreign languages with Noah. We told him some basic words in both languages and then asked if there were any other words he would like us to translate. “Yes! Goat people! And pizza pony!”
I adore the way this child sees the world. 


betty rockerTonight I completed the 30 Day Workout Challenge I’ve been doing. While I was disappointed to take a few days off when I got sick, I’m so proud of myself for starting it up again. It may have taken me 35 days to finish a 30 day challenge, but the point is that I finished.
It sounds cliche, but what a journey it has been.
In the past 35 days, I have gotten stronger. There are moves I had to heavily modify when I started that I can now do with no modifications. I’ve noticed my clothes fit better. I’ve felt healthier, both physically and mentally. I haven’t set foot on a scale. For the first time in a long time, I’m not nervous about what a scale would tell me. I’m still overweight and have a long way to go but I am more focused on being healthy and taking care of my body than on what the numbers would tell me.
In the past 35 days, my hubby has joined me on the journey and I’ve been so thankful for his support and accountability.
In the past 35 days, my kids have been much more encouraging and positive, because they’ve seen Anthony and I encouraging each other constantly. I can’t count how many times they have said, “You’re a super awesome rock star!” I’ve heard my son saying positive things to everyone in the family – “You’re the best mom/dad/sister ever! You are awesome! You’re doing a great job!”
Both of my kids have also been asking to exercise. They’ve been randomly breaking out into yoga moves to impress each other. Last night I started my workout after getting the kids in bed. When Noah heard it, he started crying because he didn’t want to miss out on exercising with me.
I am happy that in such a short time, my kids are learning that it’s important to take care of your body. What a challenging, sobering, and joyous thing to help me stay accountable and consistent.
In the past 35 days, I have reached a new level of commitment to myself. Even when I was discouraged, exhausted, or just simply in a bad mood, I didn’t allow myself to give up. I chose to believe in myself. I learned I can trust myself to be capable.
My only goal when starting this challenge was to begin a habit of consistency with taking care of my body through exercise. And I did it. I freaking did it.
Here’s to many more 35 day periods of growing, learning, and becoming stronger!
**Note – if you are interested in the Make Fat Cry Challenge, sign up here.

The Dishes Can Wait

I’m sitting in Annabelle’s room. I should be doing dishes. I want to be doing dishes. The dishes have bred. They have become a horde taking over the kitchen. If I’m not careful they may rebel and try to take over the house using forks and knives as weapons. 

So I really want to restore order to the chaos that is my filthy kitchen. But my daughter woke up halfway through her nap and was upset her daddy had left for work. So here I sit. 

She has gone from sobbing to quietly dancing with her baby doll. At some point she spit in her hands and rubbed them together just to see what would happen. Now she is in the best of moods because her brother has snuck out of his quiet play time to make faces at her from the hallway and they are both giggling. 

I should be doing dishes. Or getting her out of bed and finding an activity for the kids to do. 

But instead I’m just going to sit here and bask in the giggles and the joy and the chaos for a few minutes. 

My life is beautiful even when my kitchen isn’t. 

Always a Silver Lining

Miss Priss wasn’t feeling so great today. She was becoming increasingly more fussy as the day wore on, and by the time nap time came around she was running a low grade fever. 

None of this was very concerning considering she’s two. Viruses and bugs are a common occurrence. 

But then I changed the mother of all nap time diapers and noticed something blue gleaming at me from her nostril. 

My brain didn’t quite know what to do with this information. I was stuck on the thought, “Why is her snot blue?” for quite some time. And then I realized my child had pushed a blue craft bead up her nose. 

After two seconds of trying to hold her down and get it out I made Anthony call the nearest urgent care to let them know we’d be there soon. 

The entire family accompanied Annabelle to the doctor so mom and dad could assist in restraining her when the time came. Noah was very pleased to be visiting the doctor and couldn’t stop touching everything in sight. Annabelle was enjoying the experience until the evil nurse made her stand on a scale. From then on everything the poor man did was pure torture in the eyes of a toddler. Checking her blood oxygen? How dare he. Taking her temperature? Surely something the Geneva Convention should have addressed. 

By the time she calmed down, it was clear she wasn’t feeling well at all. She was no longer smiling or laughing and just wanted to snuggle closely. 

She gagged. 

We panicked. 

The nurse, God bless his soul, gave us a barf bag and promised we were the next to be seen by the doctor. 

Everything was fine for the next five minutes. 

Annabelle then violently threw up. Mercifully into the barf bag. 

Unmercifully, she then decided to be mortal enemies with the bag and violently threw up again. On my shirt. On my pants. Puddles of vomit collecting in my lap. The stench left me unable to do anything other than clench my mouth and eyes shut and pretend I was absolutely anywhere but this hell. 

Our friend the nurse, may he live a long and blessed life, sprang into action with gauze pads for clean up and brand new t-shirts for us to change into. Another nurse grabbed vomit covered Annabelle and cleaned her up. 

She grabbed her. With no gloves on. She grabbed someone else’s vomit covered child with her bare hands. Mother Teresa has nothing on this woman. 

Within five minutes Annabelle and I were in fresh clothes and the bead had been removed from her nose. It only took four adults to do it. 

What was a nasty, smelly mess of a doctor’s visit was saved by the kindness and care of the doctors and nurses at our urgent care clinic. 

And we got two free t-shirts out of the deal, so we’ve got that going for us.