How does your garden grow?

After eight years of talking about it, I finally planted a vegetable garden this year.


I’ve been amazed by the miracle of sprouts, by how quickly peas and beans grow, by the daily change in these plants as I water them and pull the occasional weed. I’m fascinated by the feathery tops of carrots and the crunchy, hairy leaves of cucumber plants. My potato plants are growing by inches daily. Our strawberry plants are bursting with green buds that will soon be ripe fruit. And tonight I picked a handful of green beans.

As someone who has always had a black thumb, I’d call this a success.


2 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

    • Thanks! I think the key is that I’m letting nature do most of the work with the garden. With potted plants I’ve always either loved them too much or completely forgotten they existed!


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