Meet Anthony

Anthony and I have been married for (almost) eight years. He’s got an incredible sense of humor and an infectious laugh. 

Anthony lets me sleep in on a regular basis and takes far more than his fair share of night wake ups with the kids. He loves to serve. The kids live for living room wrestling sessions with daddy. 

My husband didn’t know what a bagel was until he was 21. He’s an incredibly hard worker. He’s also pretty clumsy. Keep wine glasses and power tools away from this stud. 

Our sad and pitiful vehicles over the years (and a healthy dose of Google) have turned Anthony into a pretty decent home mechanic. 

After our first kiss, I temporarily lost my mind and said, “You make my heart go pitter patter.” And he didn’t run away from me in terror. 

He loves soccer. And cricket. And curling. And sports radio. At one point he called into our ESPN radio station so often they all knew him by the sound of his voice. And if you want someone to win a radio contest for you, he’s your man. He’s won us hundreds of dollars in restaurant gift cards. And once he sang “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” on the radio to win us Elton John tickets. That’s romance, ladies. 

I love this man. And for the record, he still makes my heart go pitter patter. 


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