Meet Noah

 This is Noah. My first born. He’s a bundle of energy and emotion. From the beginning, he has done things his way, in his time. His heart is so very big, and so are his temper tantrums. His strong will drives us crazy now, but is going to be such a strength and blessing when he is an adult. This kid is going to do big things.

Noah says the same prayer every night before dinner. He made it up himself. “Dear God and Jesus, I’m aware that you give everybody food and everything and everything else. And that and that and that and noses. Amen amen amen amen amen amen.”

Noah’s favorite color has always been green. His favorite shape has always been the triangle. He has always wanted to be a chef. He has never wavered in these things.

This child is all in, all the time.

Ironically, his name means rest.

And while he hasn’t exactly given us rest in his short little lifetime, he has taught us how important it is to rest in God’s strength as we parent this child.

Noah has taught me how to be selfless. And he’s shown me just how selfish I tend to be when left to my own devices. He’s taught me the power of grace and the power of a good laugh. He’s taught me to cherish the good times and have faith in the hard times.

What a good teacher this little boy has been to me.


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