Meet Annabelle

This is my sassy, sneaky, bright-eyed, social butterfly of a daughter. 

She loves everything pink. Butterflies and skirts and dresses make her world go round. She constantly prays and thanks God for her hair. 

She’s also rough and tumble. She’s been known to bite her brother to make him leave her alone. Annabelle is a climber and a jumper. She used to do crazy physical stunts with her daddy until she got Nursemaid’s elbow and we had to put an end to it. 

Everyone who has ever spent more than five minutes with Annabelle comments on how sweet she is. Which is true. But I warn everyone that she can be sneaky. Turn your back for two seconds and she will draw all over your walls. She used to strip naked in seconds flat and go streaking around the house. And dear Jesus in heaven, thank you so much that she has outgrown the playing with poop stage. 

I made up a song about Annabelle and she makes me sing it to her every night before she goes to sleep. This child loves to be loved on. And she loves to pour out love on others. She adores baby dolls and babies. In fact, if you’re in the grocery store with her and she gets cranky, hand her a bag of chips and tell her it’s a baby. She’ll immediately cheer up, say, “Aww baby. So cute,” and sing the chips to sleep. 

This child has been the source of so many hilarious stories and so many sweet moments. I am so thankful for our Annabelle Grace. 


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