Sock World : Revealed

Car trips with kids always take about 12 times as long as they are supposed to take. After a stop to replenish the leaking refrigerant in our car’s air conditioning system, 100 bathroom breaks, a gas stop, traffic jams, more bathroom breaks, and a quick stop for dinner, we made it! 

Check out the following video for the big reveal and our kids’ underwhelming response* :


That’s right, folks, Sock World is really LEGOLAND!
We are staying in the Legoland Hotel.
We are in a kingdom room, complete with Lego spiders, shields, and a frog prince.
I’m loving the little kid friendly touches – a step stool in the bathroom, a smaller toilet seat just for the kiddos that fits inside the lid, and above all, the separate room with bunk beds for the kids. 

Tomorrow we will spend the day in the park, and the kids cannot wait. The adults are pretty excited, too, now that I think about it. 

It’s been so fun keeping the secret of Sock World up to this point, and it’s all worth it for these adorable smiles – 

*Disclaimer – Annabelle was pretty much done with being in the car and very concerned with putting together the toy she got from Wendy’s and didn’t really want to discuss anything pertaining to Sock World, God bless her sweet little heart. 


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