Sock World : A Story

We’re having a blast at Legoland! We spent all day in the park yesterday and we are in the park again today. 

If you ever come to Legoland, we highly recommend staying in the Legoland Hotel, as the following story will illustrate. 

We were adorably optimistic when walking up to The Quest for Chi, a ride we missed yesterday. 

“Those people are dripping, soaking wet, but there’s no way that will happen to us!”

Wrong. We were so very wrong. Annabelle and I spent a good portion of the ride huddled together trying not to panic as we sat under a torrential waterfall. Anthony and Noah didn’t get hit by the waterfall, but we all ended up more wet than I care to remember. 

Here’s our personal verdicts on the ride : 

One out of four loved it!

We are now back in the hotel room in a dry change of clothes. It was amazing to take a two minute walk back to the hotel and not worry about missing too much time in the park. We are eating our lunches and prepping to go back in to Legoland. 

Hopefully we will stay dry this time!


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