Sock World : A Look Back 

To put it simply, the Rogers family had the time of our lives at Legoland last week. We walked what felt like a million steps, laughed til we cried, froze our rear ends off in the hotel pool, rode rides, watched shows, ate apple fries, and just enjoyed being a family together. 

This trip happened to coincide with the one year anniversary of Anthony cutting nearly all the way through his thumb. What a beautiful way to celebrate what God has done for our family and acknowledge that time with our loved ones is so very important. 

I have two mental images I’m holding on to from this trip. One is Noah giggling uncontrollably while we watched the Battle for Brickbeard’s Bounty, a really adorable live action water ski show. Noah’s my strong-willed boy, and hearing him just let go and enjoy himself is music to this mama’s ears. 

The second mental image I’m holding on to is “riding” the Kid Power Tower with Annabelle. I say “riding” because this was really an upper body workout in disguise. Basically you and your kid sit in a seat on the side of a tower. When the ride begins, you start pulling your seat up the tower by grabbing onto a rope and hoisting yourself slowly to the top. Once you get to the top, you let go, fall to the bottom, and start all over again. By the end of this ride, my hands were raw (seriously they should pass out gloves on this ride), I had broken into a sweat, and my arms were jello. But Annabelle giggled and squealed every time we fell to the bottom, and by the end was brave enough to throw her hands above her head as we descended. Totally worth the effort. 

We’ve been back in the real world for a few days now and I’m reminded how nice it was to not adult for a few days. We all got to enjoy life like a kid and come back to real life with refreshed hearts. 

I could really do with some more apple fries, though. 


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